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      At any moment, you choose how to act and do it in accordance with the rules / beliefs you have adopted:

    Rules / beliefs creating personal hell

    Rules / Beliefs Creating Paradise

    The cup is half-empty – you suffer for what you do not have, and the others have it

    The cup is half-filled – you enjoy what you have

    The possible truth is only one, duality, or-or, the truth is clearly defined-while looking for the true truth, you move from one extremity to another, and this causes you to suffer and increase your personal hell

    The truth is always multidimensional, multivariate, there is nothing good or just bad, and (and that’s true, the other too) the truth is never clear – the golden environment creates neutrality, it’s all our cancer fish “

    Everything in the three-dimensional world is intended to create suffering

    By changing the rules you can create a paradise, first of all, just a personal but personal example inspires others

    By focusing on the negative, you are strengthening it, especially the fear

    By directing your attention to the positive, you strengthen it

    Contesting, criticizing, creating conflicts, gossip

    Through goodwill at all

    Sufferings cause diseases that create additional suffering

    Joy heals and creates even more joy

    The rules that create your hell are inspired by people you respect and do not question, are accepted in society

    You can always change the rules that make you suffer and create ones that bring you joy

    Faith and doubt are extremes and create sufferings, disappointments

    The golden environment is in the middle between faith and doubt

    Fear not to make mistakes makes you look for the true truth – your mind really likes to be mindful, wise and necessary. Your mind dominates while your attention is focused on it – if you redirect your attention to your senses, your mind will no longer be so valuable to your consciousness

    Your harmonic state is created by the harmonious interaction between mind and intuition – you can be prudent, but it should not cause negative emotions, especially fear

    Revenge, punishment, lie, deception, competition, competition, comparison – cause the effect of the boomerang

    Forgiveness, goodwill, trust – also provoke the effect of the boomerang

    While you think you are a victim of someone’s evil intentions, you feel powerless to change something in your life

    Only realizing that everything depends on you gives you the chance to find and build your paradise

    Do not compete and compare with others – the most useless activities

    Accept your uniqueness and be proud of it

    Realize that your anxieties and worries are afraid and are thought out of the mind

    Nothing can happen accidentally, therefore, there is nothing to fear, it’s all lessons, no matter how bad

    Vanity and arrogance become possible when you imagine that you achieve everything yourself

    Assuming you’re always in a team, it’s much harder to go to extremes

    Man to man is a wolf!

    All for one, one for all!

    Such rules / beliefs can be enumerated indefinitely – yours may have many other nuances – by analogy, you can find your own solution. They have been in the community for thousands of years. Extremely important for your development is the redeeming of the rules right now because you can not learn the management of new energies – without that skill, you remain at the old level – the rules never take into account your individual peculiarities. Do not just forget that the rules are a tool of the mind and to reduce their impact, it is desirable to focus on the sensations: pleasant-unpleasant, attractive-repulsive. These sensations are the language of the soul and with the redirection of attention to them, you devalue the arguments of the mind (right-wrong). Only you choose what to lead you, and what you want to experience: Hell or Paradise.